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Oct 312019

BitSilo creates timestamped backups for files and directories you specify.
– Create multiple backup sets, each containing a different set of files or directories to be backed up on a daily/weekly/monthly schedule.
– Create a full backup to save all the specified files; create an incremental backup to save only those files that have changed since the last backup.
– Exclude files from the backup using any part of the file folder or name.
– Flexible management of disk space used by backup archives.
– Restore files from any backup using a query language to find files.
– Backup files can be stored in a BitSilo “Silo” format for efficiency, or in a normal folder, or as a zip file.
– Automatic removal of old backups; cleanup rules govern which recent backups to keep.
– Verify (compare) files in any backup against the original source files, either automatically after each run, or at any later time.
– Use the free utility SiloExplorer to access any BitSilo archive (from any computer) and extract files from it.

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