Dream Valley

Rating: 4/5

Combine your skill, patience and precision to reunite Alina with her family.

Dream Valley is an Indie adventure puzzle-platformer which tests your skill and precision.
The game is an aesthetic combination of ambient environment and entertaining levels.

When a person dies, their soul enters an enchanted realm, The Dream Valley. This is Alina’s journey to find her family in the magical and malicious Dream Valley.

Alina is a light who has entered the Dream Valley. You will have to use the on-screen controls to guide Alina to her goal while evading the obstacles.

•The controls are simple, a standard stick to control and move Alina.
•The black walls and obstacles must be avoided as they will absorb Alina.
•The level automatically restarts after you die.
•We know sometimes it could be difficult to untangle you earphones, but try playing with them on.

•Aesthetic levels accompanied by ambient music.
•Exciting combination of arcade, puzzle, adventure and immersive story-telling.
•Soothing Environment
•Simple Gameplay
•Creatively designed 60 Unique Levels
•New Levels Every Week
•Survive through the darkness and all other obstacles.

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