Rating: 3.2/5

A harpejji is a neat stringed instrument that has frets like a guitar but is finger tapped. The strings are tuned in whole steps so it is possible to quickly transpose a melody to a new key by maintaining its “shape”. C notes are designated with a dot.

This app isn’t meant to substitute the far superior real harpejjis but to give users a chance to learn and experiment with their unique chromatic layout.

You can change options by pressing the back key:

*Choose landscape (better) or portrait mode and number of frets (I prefer 6-8).
*set a new sample .wav or .mp3 sound by choosing a file tuned to C
*turn rendering off to improve response on slower devices
*turn damping on for more staccato
*set number of strings

You can learn more about real harpejjis at

Some tips on how to play:

beginner videos:

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