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Dec 092019

Ballers Basketball Scoreboard for Iphone. The most complete scoreboard app hands down! Run your scoreboard on a wide-screen TV from your iPhone or iPad using VGA, HDMI, or Apple TV / Airplay. Broadcast of the score over the Ballers cloud. Send reports including game schedules to parents, coaches, players, and fans. Play the national anthem and other pre-game music from your iTunes library. Use social media to tweet, post or chat (works with the Ballers Game Chat app).

And, of course, keep score.

• Wide-screen TV support — Supports all 16:9 TV screens
• Play music — use your iTunes library to play pre-game music through the TV monitor
• Live broadcast –– share game status updates over the Ballers cloud
• Game chat –– chat with fans (works with Ballers Game Chat and Ballers Basketball Stats)
• Define teams –– setup teams
• Rules –– define rules to control scoreboard functions
• Schedule games –– manage scheduled games
• Completed games –– save game results
• Logging –– time stamp log of all scoreboard actions
• Local ads –– run local ads or images on your scoreboard
• Twitter –– tweet game info to your followers
• Facebook –– post game info for your friends
• File sharing –– iTunes file sharing
• Customization — Use your team logo, colors, etc.
• Reporting — eMail or View Box Score, Game Flow, Game Log, and Game Schedule PDF report.

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