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Dec 112019

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A Quick Festive Quest is a Christmas-themed game.

Look on the left for your target image. Now find it on the right and tap it before it disappears.

There’s a variety of different games and 100 levels of 3 minutes each. At least 5 hours of fun!

– Find the picture when it’s on any shape.
– Find the picture only when it’s on a specific shape.
– Find the gifts that change every few seconds.
– Find the baubles that change every few seconds.
– Find the matching decorative balls that move around.

There are 3 levels of difficulty – choose a reindeer, elf or Santa (if you’re brave!)

If you make no wrong taps, then you get a Gold tree at the end of the level.

This game has instructions and interface elements in Russian and English. Choose your language preference from the first screen.

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