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Dec 272019

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Puzzling Picture Parts is a puzzle game where you have to find the halves that belong together.

Only two of the halves form a complete picture when joined together. Find the two halves and put them together. All the other halves are decoys.

Play Casual or Expert Mode:

Casual mode:
No penalty for wrong matches – just return the pictures and try again.
Skip up to 5 images and still pass the level .
In casual mode you can keep trying all the possible combinations until you find the two that belong together – if you don’t want to skip an image.
Achieve gold by not using the skip button.

Expert mode:
Only 5 wrong matches allowed.
Only 2 skips allowed.
Achieve gold by making no wrong matches and not using any skips.

* 216 Different designs
* 50 Levels
* Random selection & placement – the game will be different each time you play
* There will always be 1 match

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