Photo Stitcher Pro 2.0.0 (Win&Mac)

Vertexshare Photo Stitcher is a powerful panorama software and photo merger tool that merges photos horizontally and vertically.

  • Combine multiple photos and create panorama photo.
  • Super easy to make a long screenshot of a conversation.
  • Powerful Software to Combine Photos Horizontally
  • Make an amazing panorama photo with only one click!

  • Merge Photos in The Fastest Way
  • Merge multiple photos and create a long photo in one click

  • Rearrange Photo Order
  • Crop Photos When Stitching
  • Adjust Spacing Size and Add Annotations
  • Create Before-After Picture
  • Tutorial (important)
    How to stitch photos by using Photo Stitcher
    How to open Photo Stitcher dmg file on your Mac PC
    How to register Photo Stitcher

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