AJC Active Backup for PC – 40% Off

Oops! Don’t you hate it when you accidentally write over – or save to – the wrong file? Recycle Bin is no help at all for that one.

Or when you notice that something that used to work (or look good) suddenly doesn’t, and you don’t know when it broke or what you changed?

Or when you don’t like some changes you’ve made, and Undo simply won’t get your file back to how you want it?

You can’t stop and backup every version of every file every 10 minutes, and even if you could, you wouldn’t know which file was the one you wanted. Right?

Wrong, as it happens. Active Backup does exactly that – it automatically backs up files as you change them, and shows you a comprehensive log of what’s changed. How useful!

Please note folks: Active Backup now features a new Visual Studio plug-in which makes the application even easier to use for developers.


The Fine Print


AJC Active Backup

$21.00 40% Off

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