Six pack abs within 30 days – home sixpack workout

Beautiful and strong abs within 30 days!

These exercises are designed for 30 day challenge with 4 workouts per day. The number of workouts and time, required for performing an exercise, will increase each day. Following simple instructions to them and most properly performing all the techniques, You will have a strong, balanced core that is necessary for both health and any physical activity.

In our app You will find a specially designed program, as well as all the necessary instructions that will help You form Your abs.
• Workout routines that do not require special equipment
• You can do the exercises both at home and in the gym
• Workout plan designed for 30 days
• Detailed recommendations for each workout
• The image of the athlete that allows You to perform the exercise correctly
• Reminders about workout.
• Body Mass Index Calculator
• Fat-Burning Diet
• 7 Min Daily Workout for Abs

Do not deny Yourself the pleasure of achieving a perfect abs!

Download it here

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