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So, you’ve finally decided that enough is enough. Time to throw in the towel with the old Start ===> All Programs way of opening your applications in Windows. You’re sick of it, and you’re looking for an easy way to launch your favorite files, folders, programs, and websites that doesn’t require a lot of complicated setup. You want to go from tedious to easy-breezy, not from one repetitive and boring method to a different repetitive and boring method.

With SuperLauncher, you’ll be able to map all of your files, folders, programs, and websites to keyboard hotkeys or mouse clicks. And, instead of using an installation dialog box to manually type out each shortcut or navigating to obscure files to map them, you can easily drag and drop new shortcuts and let SuperLauncher take care of the rest!

Associated shortcuts can be organized into groups, so a single keystroke opens them all like magic! Wave goodbye to the days of searching through the Start menu or drilling down through endless levels of folders to get at the specific file that you need.

SuperLauncher also includes a powerful scheduler that lets you automatically launch applications whenever you want or perform system tasks like shutting down or rebooting the machine at a certain hour. You can even have SuperLauncher pop up automatic reminders on your Windows desktop!

Please note folks: by purchasing any of the Lifetime licenses, you save over $135.00.

Today’s promotion includes the following:

SuperLauncher – Lifetime License (1 year upgrades) ($0)

1AVCenter – Lifetime License (Lifetime upgrades) ($9.90)

CD DVD Blu-ray Burning Studio – Lifetime License (Lifetime upgrades) ($9.90)

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