Rating: 4/5

Gallery is a smart photo gallery that organizes your photos and videos in moments, allowing you to relive and share the best moments of life.

You can easily manage your files with features like copy, move, rename with a very nice user experience and a beautiful design. There is also a lightweight gallery photo editor able to crop and rotate images. Pin album on top with Gallery.

– Albums with gallery
– Organize photos and videos with gallery
– Video player with gallery
– Album sort by name,date and size
– File explorer with gallery
– Crop and rotate photos
– Move,copy,delete,rename photos and videos with gallery
– Pin album on top with gallery
– Camera button
– Exclude album with gallery
– Photo exif details in gallery
– Edit exif with gallery
– Get color palette from photo gallery
– Print photos with gallery
– Set as wallpaper
– Virtual albums
– Dark, light and black Themes
– Card,nested and list views for albums
– Column count for album views
– Show or disable animations
– Maximum screen brightness when viewing photos with Gallery
– Media Retriever ( This might help if you are missing some pictures )
– 8-bit color
– Share photo and video with instagram,twitter,facebook etc.
Download it here

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