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Zhen Jiu is a didactic games application about Acupuncture, developed to provide a playful study experience, testing your knowledge while having fun and absorbing information efficiently.
With this tool, you will be able to trust your memory, be it ambulatory or in clinical practice.

Zhen Jiu is another academic project developed by Editora Zen; the publisher that values the dissemination, strengthening and teaching of MTC’s ancient wisdom in a contemporary, accessible and direct to the point way.
Its content and criteria for curating Acupuncture points are based on two works by the author Paulo Renato Lima, published by Zen: Acupuncture Manual Direct to the Point and 101 Best Points on Cards.

Zhen Jiu – Acupuncture Games

Developed by:
Editora Zen – MTC Direct to the Point
Download it here

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