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If you’ve ever tried to edit source code in a stock text editing application, you’ve no doubt discovered how limiting they can be. To meet all of your requirements, and to make your coding life easier, you need a text editor that thinks ten steps ahead, anticipates the features that you need, and delivers additional, custom-tailored functionality.

HippoEDIT is the Alex Rodriguez of text editors, and by that you know EXACTLY what I mean 😉 With HippoEDIT, everything you need as a developer is right at your fingertips. Seriously. You no longer even need to switch apps to browse the internet or locate files!

HippoEDIT’s tabbed interface allows you to work on multiple tasks at once, and pre-defined syntax highlighting makes working with PHP, Perl, Java, Pascal, C/C++, HTML, XML, and XSLT code a breeze (you can even add support for additional languages using custom syntax files).

But HippoEDIT’s support for multiple programming languages doesn’t end with syntax highlighting. HippoEDIT works with you to make coding in these languages much more streamlined, with more than 160 integrated commands, customizable keyboard shortcuts, code auto-completion, real-time code hints, and a sophisticated code templates engine. You’ll discover new, faster ways of coding no matter what language you use!

HippoEDIT provides an array of code analysis tools, such as source code outlining, current scope and change lines indication, mismatching brace highlighting, indent guides, and much more. Sophisticated clipboard functionality allows you to copy and paste syntax-highlighted code directly into other applications, perform advanced search and replace, step through multiple levels of undo/redo, and paste code as HTML directly into an editor.

Grab a copy of HippoEDIT, and say hello to a whole new level of coding efficiency!


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$15.00 69% Off

Download it here

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