PDF & eBook 8 Tools Bundle for Mac & PC – 92% Off

If you love working with PDF files, then today’s discount software promotion is for you! And if you love creating your own eBooks, today’s discount software promotion is also for you! And if you like both of these things, today’s discount software promotion is going to make you lose your mind – it’s PDF & eBook Tool Bundle!

PDF & eBook Tool Bundle offers exceptionally useful programs that let you work with PDF documents like never before. With PDF & eBook Tool Bundle, you’ll be able to create/convert/edit PDFs, remove passwords, extract images, plus create your own ePub books.

iPubsoftePub Creator lets you transform source documents in Word, PDF, HTML, Mobi, and text formats into high quality ePub books that you can read on portable devices, with all original layout, tables, and images retained. It’s the best way to distribute your work to the world and get traction as an author!

The iPubsoft PDF Converter does what it says, converting PDF documents to Word, ePub, HTML, text, Excel, PowerPoint, and image formats, greatly increasing the flexibility of working with PDF documents. Best of all, all layout, images, links, and tables will be preserved in the converted document! Batch conversions are an added bonus!

The rest of the fine programs in this bundle make for a very valuable package for PDF enthusiasts! Need to remove a password from a PDF file? Invoke the power of iPubsoft PDF Password Remover! Need to protect it? Then run iPubsoft PDF Encrypter. Need to combine PDFs into one file, or split a single PDF into multiple files? For that, you have iPubsoft PDF Combiner and iPubsoft PDF Splitter. Want to extract that cool diagram or image from a PDF document? Just use iPubsoft PDF Image Extractor!

Today’s promotion includes the following:

PDF & eBook Tool Bundle for Windows ($20.97)

PDF & eBook Tool Bundle for Mac ($28.76)

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PDF & eBook 8 Tools Bundle

$20.97 92% Off

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