Photo Collage Maker PRO for PC – 85% Off

Want to get started making photo collages, but don’t want to spend countless hours on a steep learning curve? Well, today’s discount software promotion is right up your alley, featuring the ability to get up and running quickly, so the only focus is on expressing your creativity! The name of this outstanding software application is Photo Collage Maker PRO.

Photo Collage Maker PRO lets you create stunning collages quickly using over 350+ included templates in a variety of styles and themes. With Photo Collage Maker PRO, you’ll not only be able to create photo collages, you’ll also find yourself cranking out amazing greeting cards, invitations, and posters – all enhanced with frames, effects, captions, and clipart. Only three easy steps stand between you and some of the most impressive use of your photo collection that any of your friends and family have ever seen.

It’s true – just load your photos into Photo Collage Maker PRO and immediately launch into arranging the layout. Once it looks the way you want it to, jazz it up with frames, masks, clipart, and captions. Once you’ve created your final masterpiece, share it with the entire world by exporting your project in a variety of popular file formats, including BMP, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, and GIF! Or prepare your collage for hardcopy printing, with full control over printer selection, paper format, margins, and more!

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Photo Collage Maker PRO

$10.50 85% Off

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