Sweatpants Simon

Rating: 0/5

Meet Simon, your everyday gamer who has slowly sunken into depression and loneliness. He just watched a lifestyle program on TV and is ready to go straight out of his lonely life!

Sweatpants Simon: Escape From Slumtown is a combination of strategy and adventure, where you help Simon find friends, get a job, buy clothes or fix up his apartment. You might even talk him into exercising or maybe, just maybe, help him find that special someone.

Your goal is to bring Simon out of his depression and make him happy by managing his Motivation and Self-Esteem. There are many ways to get happier, so the game is open-ended and each player can have a unique way of helping Simon. Apart from strategy elements like resource management there is heavy focus on dialogue and character-building, with several endings.

A simple interface and a short tutorial takes you straight into managing Simons life, after that it is up to you.
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