Resource Wars

Rating: 2.3/5

Do you like strategy games but find them to be too much about troops and military? Do you hate seeing your beautifully built base get burned to the ground by pesky enemies?

This is Resource Wars, a completely peaceful strategy game. Skillfully manage your workforce to gather recources or… you know… make additional workforce. Then carefully spend your hard earned resources on upgrades to make your work easier and your gathering faster. Rarer resources give more points and since the maps don’t change you can remember the location of rare resources and come back to beat your own score again and again, slimming your tactics a little each time. Each map has it’s own high score list, so try to master them all. Contains three different game-modes, each requiring it’s own sets of strategies.

Time is limited, so you better be fast!

– Touch to select and give orders.
– Use two fingers to scroll.
– Touch the score-board to open the in-game menu.
– Hold your finger over upgrades to see their tooltips and costs.
– Move two workers to the main base building to have them make a new worker.
– Press the icon on the bottom right of the title screen to access game options.

Good luck!
Download it here

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