Next Flipbook Maker for Mac & PC – 81% Off

It used to be as simple as emailing someone a Word document. Then the world shifted and everyone was using PDF documents. And now? Now, in order to get noticed and read, you need to deploy your stuff using animated and interactive digital flipbooks! Thankfully, the journey is easy if you get today’s discount software promotion, Next Flipbook Maker.

Next Flipbook Maker lets you convert PDF documents and images to interactive digital flipbooks. With Next Flipbook Maker, you’ll be able to produce publications with page-turning effects, while taking advantage of an integrated FTP client, online hosting, and a broad array of other features. Desktop users get flipbooks implemented in Flash, while iOS and Android audiences get one built out of HTML5. Everyone wins!

Need to change up the look of your flipbook? Just swap out the included templates for a fresh, exciting makeover. Throw in additional features, like support for Google Analytics, social media integration, and the ability to search flipbook content, and grabbing Next Flipbook Maker today becomes an absolute no-brainer!

Today’s promotion includes the following:

Next Flipbook Maker for Windows v2.7.7 ($19)

Next Flipbook Maker for Mac v2.9.7 ($19)

Next Flipbook Maker Pro for Mac v2.9.7 ($56)

Next Flipbook Maker Pro for Windows v2.7.7 ($56)


The Fine Print

Next Flipbook Maker

$19.00 81% Off

Download it here

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