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Eval advanced calculator is a scientific calculator showing an parse tree (evaluated math operations one by one) and the possibility of adding up to 14 custom functions with different number of arguments and overload them.

Eval advanced calculator has many security options. The first is the “Undo” button, which allows you to go back if you make a mistake, delete something important, or for some other reason. Another validates the arguments when creating a new function, prevents recursive function calls, or overrides built-in scientific functions.

If you want to use any item from the history, the Eval advanced calculator, unlike other calculators, allows you to choose an action:
– replace – in this case the selected item will replace the current value on the display
– join – the selected item will be added to the current value on the display

Eval advanced calculator is a great choice for everyone but especially for students and teachers.

Eval advanced calculator is designed to be an amazing and easy to use app, but if you want any improvements let us know.

General information about the Eval advanced calculator:
– possibility add up to 14 custom functions with unlimited number of arguments
– you can overload custom function by adding or removing arguments
– dark / bright theme
– 17 build-in scientific functions
– undo
– 2 constants
– 4 examples
– history (append / replace option)
– deg / rad

– English
– Française
– Española
– Italiana
– Deutsche
– Portugues
– Pусский
– Polski
– Magyar
– 한국어

Thank you for downloading Eval advanced calculator!
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