Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition for PC – 100% Off

Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition is an extremely powerful and intuitive email sender that you can use to send email messages automatically, at any time, and with any frequency that you wish. Send automated email messages annually, monthly, weekly, daily, or on any periodic basis that you can imagine.

Imagine being able to send periodic reminders of your amazing products and services out to your client base, without the burden of having to remember to sit down and author a new email every time. Or imagine having the ability to automatically send email messages about system status (up/down), and only having to change the email if something changes with the system. You could even schedule birthday emails in advance, so you’ll never “forget”!

Beyond the sheer usefulness of being able to send automated messages on a scheduled basis, Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition also includes some dandy bells and whistles that are designed to make your life much easier. There’s support for multiple SMTP accounts, with the ability to automatically switch to another should one fail. The same concept applies for proxy servers — maintain a list, and if a proxy server isn’t available, Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition will instantly switch to an alternate. You can craft your emails creatively using the WYSIWYG HTML editor, and ensure that your emails are being received by using the receipt function!

How about your recipients? Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition lets you set up an address book, or save your list of recipients to text, CSV, or XLS files. It supports macro creation, folder attachments, and even allows you to empty folders after successful sending (in automatic mode only).

    Key Features:

  • Many Types of Sending Schedule
  • Sends eMails One-by-one (OBO) with Pause Setting
  • Macros Manager & Built-in Macros to Make the Personalized Messages for Each Receiver
  • High Delivery/Success Rate because OBO & Individual eMail Features
  • Adjustable Multi-threaded eMailing (for OBO)
  • Resending If Failed with Interval & Times Settings (Auto)
  • Repeat Sending Schedule with Interval & Times Settings (Auto)

Version 7 is the most important release of Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition since 2004, it has dozens of very important features / improvements / bug fixes, please click here to see all the updates.

After you purchase Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition, it may be used for 3 months.

Today’s promotion includes the following:

Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition – 3 Months Personal License v16.0 ($0)

Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition – 1 Year Personal License ($29.99)

Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition – 1 Year Business License ($59.99)

Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition – 1 Year Enterprise License ($99.99)


The Fine Print


Auto Mail Sender™ Standard Edition

$0.00 100% Off

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