Bluetooth Keepalive

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You have a problem with the Bluetooth connection to your hands-free? Every few minutes it’s disconnecting and re-establishing? This could be a problem with the standby mode or WiFi interference of your Android. For these problems “Bluetooth Keepalive” can help you.

NEW: A2DP Keepalive Support. Your A2DP speakers/receiver go to sleep when not playing music, but being connected? The next usage is going weird? With A2DP support you can prohibit your A2DP speakers/receiver from going to standby. Speakers will give a regular sound to prevent standby mode.

The Google+ Productsite for Bluetooth Keepalive:
There you’ll find surveys and can give feedback.

Before you buy, please check on this website, if BTKA can really help you:

Some Samsung smartphones have activated “energy saving” mode. Please be sure to turn it off (Maybe test before buying BTKA, if that already helps you). BTKA does not need “root” – only the rights requested by the Market.

After installation start BTKA manually. It registers with Android™ and will from now on start automatically whenever you restart your Android™. After starting the app there is a “Configuration” button (visible for 2 seconds), with that you can change the configuration settings for notifications and the starting-behaviour of BTKA. For hints on how to configure BTKA correctly see the check page above.

In case of a failure please see the english section on this site:

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