Folder Marker Pro + Extra Folder Icons Bundle for PC – 70% Off

Windows 7 was just so awesome when you first laid eyes on it, right? But now the honeymoon is over, and after working with it day in and day out, you’re ready for a change. Well, today’s discount software promotion is right up your alley – not just one, but two fantastic programs designed to make your Windows 7 existence better and more productive! It’s the Folder Marker Pro + Extra Folder Icons Bundle!

Folder Marker Pro + Extra Folder Icons Bundle is a collection of two programs that let you mark folders by content, priority, and status, plus jazz up your Windows folders with new icons. With Folder Marker Pro + Extra Folder Icons Bundle, you’ll enjoy the best of all worlds with folders that give you actual information about their contents!

Folder Marker Pro lets you mark folders to indicate, at a glance, their priority, level of completeness of a project, project status, or type of files they contain. Imagine being able to immediately see whether a folder contains work, temporary, or private files without having to look inside – that’s the kind of benefit Folder Marker Pro gives you!

Then there’s Extra Folder Icons, a collection of 45 folder icons for Windows 7 that cover a broad spectrum of objects and activity types, letting you visually sort your files. With Extra Folder Icons, you’ll be able to drop your work into folders that reflect the topic: medical documents, coding, entertainment, and more. Plus, each icon features realistic shadows and extremely detailed cover images.

And for today only, you’ll be able to get both Folder Marker Pro and Extra Folder Icons in one package deal – the Folder Marker Pro + Extra Folder Icons Bundle!

Review Written by Derek Lee


The Fine Print

Folder Marker Pro + Extra Folder Icons Bundle

$16.47 70% Off

Download it here

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