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Vole PageShare is an offline websites builder, lets you create professional websites based on Word docx file without Microsoft Office installed. You can easily import a docx file and export a complete website without writing anything.

Your website can be as colorful as Word documents and support more than 100 Word professional table styles, various website navigation menu styles, and multiple interactive HTML5 controls such as video player, slideshow, accordion, advanced tab, tree, etc. Vole PageShare supports embedding custom HTML code, so you can easily add YouTube video, Disqus comment, Zendesk chat, etc. in your website.

Vole PageShare directory website (Navigation tree embedded in each page) can help you create hundreds of pages of online help with ease.

Vole PageShare can export clean, complete, and stand-alone website that supports HTML 5 and other up-to-date network technologies. The exported website can be run independently and can be published anywhere WAN or LAN.

You can also one key to publish your website to Sanwhole PageShare Cloud which can host 30 websites up to 1500 pages for free.

Please note folks: For every product you buy, you can get a worth $106 Sanwhole Office School Professional LTUD (Lifetime) license for free. You can give it to your children in school or other students to use. Please contact us within one month after purchase.

Today’s promotion includes the following:

Vole PageShare Professional Edition LTUD v5.22.20121 ($0)

Vole PageShare Ultimate Edition LTUD ($16)

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Vole PageShare Professional

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