ABG Master

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– Detecting acid-base disturbances and lists the possible reasons for their occurrence by analyzing results of arterial blood gases test;
– Detecting electrolytes-fluid disturbances, by analyzing the current patient electrolytes levels, gender, weight, central venous pressure (CVP) and hematocrit;
– Calculating electrolytes and water deficiency;
– App suggests amounts of medications for detected abnormalities correction;
– Anion Gap calculation;
– Glucose and lactate levels analyzer;
– Highlighting of values that went beyond the limits of the norm (blue – low level, red – high level);

This highly intelligent program is designed to help analyze and interpret the results of various laboratory tests, such as the acid-base arterial blood gases condition, plasma electrolytes and metabolites and, if necessary, suggests how to correct the detected abnormalities.

In real time, the program can use patterns of abnormalities in the acid-base state, detects them and provides a list of possible causes for their occurrence.
Also, the program calculates the anion gap by using there formulas: using the potassium level without using it, and the albumin-bound anion interval.

The application analyzes the water-electrolyte balance, determines the deviations, calculates the deficiency of liquid and / or individual electrolytes such as sodium, potassium and chlorine; calculates the volume and rate of infusion needed to correct deviations.

Developed with the support of highly qualified doctors of the intensive care unit.

ABG master will be useful for everyone, who works in ICU, for students and interns.
Download it here

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