Stories: Your Choice (ticket pack bonus)

Rating: 4.7/5

Choose your story in Stories: Your Choice – the best collection of interactive stories that opens for you unprecedented freedom of choice. • Choose stories from our collection of stories from the best authors, including action movies, adventures, horror, mysticism, fantasy and detective stories! • Choose your own path through history and remember that every decision has consequences! • Choose your character! Will you be a hero or a villain? Righteous ruler or tyrant? Destroyer of women’s hearts or a faithful spouse? The choice is yours! • Choose the look of your character! The game will offer you a variety of hairstyles and costumes. • Watch how your choices affect the course of history, but remember that the consequences may be unexpected. Here are some of the stories that the game provides for your choice: “Domination over the world”: Raise the uprising and gather troops to take revenge on the demigod who took away your hometown! You are awaited by a huge fantasy world in which the demigods use the human race for their war with the gods. Drinking until the morning with the robbers, battles with the soldiers of the tyrant and love scenes with the semi-goddess are not all that you have to face in this story. It depends only on your choice whether mankind will succeed in its rebellion. “Go to heaven”: Waking up on a desert island you will find yourself surrounded by beauties, fighting for your attention. You have to understand how you got here and what is happening here. Beautiful girls are waiting for you, wanting your attention, swimming under a waterfall and enjoying the sun. However, do not let this paradise divert your attention from the murders that take place on the island, because it is up to you to decide what this story ends with. “Mercs in a desert”: Join the squad of mercenaries fighting in the Middle East to save humanity! Or do you wish to destroy it? The choice is yours in this story, where you are waiting for comrades, betrayal, loyalty and real heroism under fire. “Under the cursed sails”: Raise your sails and sail under the black flag! The cruel thug took the life of your beloved, but the darkness gave strength to revenge. Gather a team of cursed pirates, hijack the ship and go on a chase! Ship battles, boarding battles, sea monsters and demons, friendship and betrayal, rum and beautiful girls (possible sex and sex) – this is your story, and only you choose how it ends. Full speed, captain! Stories are updated regularly, so you will always have something to play. Download Stories: Your Choice now to get access to stories in which YOU make choices that can change everything!
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