TBS Cover Editor for PC – 60% Off

See that box over there to the left?

Let you in on a secret: it’s not real.

To take a slick-looking product photograph like that would require a pile of expensive rented lighting, super hi-resolution digital cameras, a professional photographer with a big attitude, and oh yeah, a box.

Let’s face it. These days many, many products (music, software, movies, games, etc.) are developed and distributed digitally, and many of these never see the inside of the box.

Your customers, however, are still largely relics of the box/product age. Like it or not, people do judge products by their packages. So make your digital product jump off the digital shelf with TBS Cover Editor!

TBS Cover Editor starts with a variety of templates to create 3D images of software boxes, CDs, or DVDs. Simply drop in your 2D image, adjust the height, depth, select your resolution (up to an amazing 3000 x 3000 pixel), your file output type, and render it. That’s it.

No fancy design software to use — no fancy freelance designer prices to pay. All you need is a 2D design and some basic computer skills to make your product look like it’s wrapped up in solid gold.

Don’t take a product shot, take a TBS Cover Editor!


The Fine Print

TBS Cover Editor

$32.00 60% Off

Download it here

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