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Have you ever needed to copy and paste information from a file, only to discover that it’s a PDF or image that cannot be copied or edited? Enraging! And all of that time spent retyping! Skyrocket your productivity with today’s discount software promotion, Text-R!

Text-R lets you recognize text in PDF documents and image files. With Text-R, you’ll be able to automatically recognize text and save it as an editable PDF or RTF file, maintaining most of the original formatting. Imagine no more retyping or dealing with text that you can see, but can’t copy.

Thanks to integrated dictionaries and professional OCR filters, Text-R delivers a high degree of accuracy in recognizing text. In fact, Text-R can even detect text that is skewed or rotated!

Today’s promotion includes the following:

Text-R (English) v1.1 ($11.96)

Text-R (German) v1.1 ($11.96)

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$11.96 60% Off

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