MathPower Classroom

Rating: 5/5

MathPower Classroom is a mathematical assessment application for Grades 1, 2 and 3. It will give you a global idea of your class level and a precise positioning for each student, in 3 areas:
– Numbers and Calculations
– Sizes and Measurements
– Space and Geometry

You will appreciate :
– The application works without the Internet!
– Quick : The assessment is available immediately after you have taken the test. It gives you the results by skill and learning point,
– Accurate : You will be able to precisely target each student’s strengths and areas for improvement,
– Motivating : The exercises are adapted to the student’s answers, more complex as successes are achieved, or simpler in the case of errors. THE right amount of challenge for everyone!
– Playful : This evaluation takes place in an urban-jungle universe, an entertaining background ! Surprises encourage the student to progress and reward their assiduity. The application offers different medals according to success!
– Designed by and for teachers, with flexible uses: in the classroom or for remote teaching monitoring, MathPower brings people together!
Download it here

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