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Sometimes you just want to browse the internet without leaving your unique footprints everywhere you go. Whether you’re shopping for birthday gifts, looking at online videos, or looking at hardware upgrades, it’s a sure bet that many of the websites that you’re visiting are logging the IP address of your computer, and not all of these websites can be trusted with that information.

A lot of times, an innocent remark on an online forum turns into a flame war, and before you know it, you’re banned from further participation by some overzealous moderator. But, really, it’s not you-the-person who’s been banned, it’s just the IP address of your machine. Do you see where I’m going with this?

Hide My IP does exactly what it says – it masks your real IP address so that you can surf the web and send email anonymously, or rejoin services and forums that have restricted your access. With Hide My IP, your true IP address is always protected from nefarious websites that would seek to store your information for evil purposes – stuff like using your computer’s IP address as the source for a hacking attack on another system, or lying in wait for you to enter sensitive information that they can steal. Did you know that your geographic location can be determined just from your IP address? Now you do!

Invoking the protection of Hide My IP is as easy as clicking a single button. One click, and your browser immediately starts sending a fake IP address (chosen randomly from a list of hundreds of anonymous IP addresses) to every site that you visit. You can even choose to encrypt your own connection to the anonymous “fake” IP address with 256-bit security, and have your fake IP address automatically change and dump accumulated cookies as often as once every minute! Once you exit Hide My IP, all of your internet browser settings revert to normal!

Please note folks, Hide My IP works to unblock streaming sites like Netflix and BBC iPlayer, currently with the Chrome extension. When purchasing a license code , that license will also work for Hide My IP on Mac, Android, and the Chrome extension.


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Hide My IP

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