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So you think your PC is running strangely, but you don’t know for sure. It could be a number of things, more than one thing, or maybe nothing at all. How can you know for sure? By picking up a copy of today’s discount software promotion, SyvirPC 3!

SyvirPC 3 reads the Windows Measurement Instrumentation diagnostic codes of your PC and reports back on over 30 hardware conditions, pinpointing the root cause of problems. With SyvirPC 3, you’ll never have to guess at what’s wrong, and won’t spend on the money replacing a component that’s not actually malfunctioning. With SyvirPC 3, you’ll gain immediate insight into the health of your BIOS, optical drive, CPU, hard disk, fans, keyboard, motherboard, and more.

Best of all, SyvirPC 3 can help you catch a problem early, before it advances to the point where you experience data loss or corruption. Plus, the program generates a handy list of what’s installed in your machine, which makes it very useful when troubleshooting and researching online.

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SyvirPC 3

$19.00 62% Off

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