textBEAST Speedy Clipboard for PC – 40% Off

Please note folks, for any questions or issues you may have about the product, you may contact the vendor using the following email address: s u p p o r t @ a s b w a r e . c o m. They will be responding to requests on a high-priority basis throughout the promotion.

That’s no clipboard, it’s a serving tray!

A real clipboard holds hundreds of loose pages that you can rifle through, pull out, use, reorganize and store for later. Windows “clipboard” can remember one thing, and one thing only. It’s a one-trick-pony. It’s time to turn that pony into a beast. A textBEAST!

textBEAST is absurdly logical, hilariously light-weight, and preposterously easy to use. You’ll wonder how anyone works without it!

Like other clipboard managers, textBEAST lets you copy and paste multiple text items from multiple sources. But, when it comes to accessing your text clips and documents, the BEAST has ’em beat. In fact, calling it a clipboard utility is woefully insufficient — textBEAST is actually a complete database with a focus on rapid copy and paste capability!

textBEAST’s interface and adaptability are unmatched. You design the folder structure. You decide what gets saved. There’s no clutter, no unwanted text. Everything is right where you need it. Just drag and drop all, or part of a stored text, or just click to paste. It will be exported in the size and font employed by the target application.

The paid version of textBEAST can run from a USB memory stick without installation of any files onto the host computer, and can also run in optional read-only mode. Perfect for data distribution over a network while preventing editing of your master file.

With the multi-paste options, data storage/reference capabilities, and document automation, your writing duties just got a lot more pleasant!

Please note folks: while downloading the installer, you may get a warning that the file is not commonly downloaded but that is only because the file is new (it was released just a few days before this promotion started), and based on this, some browsers may give you a warning, but rest assured that the installer is safe to use. If you have any questions about this, you may either contact us at or the vendor using the following support page or the following email address: s u p p o r t @ a s b w a r e . c o m


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textBEAST Speedy Clipboard

$14.99 40% Off

Download it here

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