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Do you have a need to work with advanced diagrams and vector graphics, but don’t want to drop the money on Microsoft Visio? Well, thanks to today’s discount software promotion, you won’t have to compromise! It’s MyDraw!

MyDraw is an advanced diagramming software application and vector graphics tool that represents a cost-effective alternative to MS Visio. With MyDraw, you’ll be able to build flowcharts, organizational charts, mind maps, network diagrams, floor plans, family tree diagrams, business model diagrams, flyers, certificates and many more – everything you can do with Visio, but at a fraction of the price.

Even if you have no previous experience with diagramming software, MyDraw gets you up and running quickly with an included collection of templates, shapes and symbols that are ready to go, right out of the box! Best of all, you can import and export Visio files using MyDraw, so your conversion will be seamless!

The new version brings many new features, optimizations and bug fixes. Following is a brief summary of the MyDraw v5.0.0 new features and improvements:

300 + New Libraries

The new version of MyDraw comes with more than 300 Shape Libraries for different application fields. Libraries are also neatly organized depending on their field of application, so you can quickly locate the relevant shape library depending on your needs.

Thousands of New Shapes
MyDraw now contains thousands of vector-based shapes that are essential when creating professional-looking diagrams and drawings. With this vast amount of shapes, it is easy to create any type of diagram, drawing, presentation, or document. Further, shapes in different libraries share a common visual appearance so you can easily mix shapes from different libraries as well. All shapes can also be easily modified – you can just drag and drop them on the drawing view and edit them with a few clicks.

Redesigned Library Browser

The library browser is completely redesigned to provide better management and navigation through the hundreds of new shape libraries. The new version introduces a brand new Library Gallery, that allows you to browse through the hierarchically organized shape libraries. The functionality for searching for libraries and shapes is also significantly improved. Shape search results are organized in expandable groups thus allowing you to see results showing thousands of matching shapes. Besides shapes, you can also search for libraries and library folders.

Hardware Accelerated Rendering

The new version includes a new hardware-accelerated rendering engine based on OpenGL. This allows MyDraw to show very complex shapes and drawings with ease. The entire UI is also hardware accelerated. This translates into a fluid and pleasant interaction with the program, that allows you to concentrate better on the current task.

20% Faster Startup of MyDraw

MyDraw startup processes are now significantly optimized, so you can expect an up to 20% faster startup. The Mac version also uses ahead of time compilation (AOT), which translates into an even faster startup on this OS.

AutoCAD Import and Export Improvements

-Import of dimension entities.

-Insert entities import improvements.

-Improved import speed and memory usage.

-Various minor bug fixes.

Visio Import and Export Improvements

-Import and export of shape tooltips.

-Various minor bug fixes and improvements.

Turkish Language Translation of the UI

Localization dictionaries now include a Turkish translation of the UI and shapes.

Windows 10 Theme

MyDraw 5.0.0 comes with the new Windows 10 UI theme.

New Templates

MyDraw also includes new ready-made templates on different fields, such as Calendar, Legal, Floor plans, Emergency Planning, Infographics, Wireframe. Wait there is more! On the existing topics, we have also included some new templates.


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$34.50 50% Off

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