Hero Evolution2 : SP

Rating: 4.4/5

Hero Evolution’s second story: Defense Evolution!!! [ SP Version Special ] 1. Activated 2x speed function (value of $30). 2. Significantly expand built-in points! : 200,000 Gold / 200,000 Meat / 3,000 Ruby / 2,000 Stones ==> The above benefits are worth a total of $80. Collect Super Cute Ninja Girl Characters~~!!! [Game Guide] – If you have more than one ninja of the same type, tap one of them twice. Evolution into a High Level Ninja! – When a new ninja appears, add it as a member in My Team. She will play a role in protecting the town. – Ninja with synthetic locking can be activated in ” Ninja Dungeon. ” – If your team is filled with 10 ninja members, you can participate in ” 10 vs 10 Team Battles. ”
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