Quran Lights

If you would feel happy to see your brain cells shining with fresh Quran and would feel sad to see their light decay if you delayed your Quran reviews then this app would be helpful to you.

This app measures and visualizes your coverage in Quran reading and memorization, you have a collection of 114 light cells, each chapter of Quran is represented with a cell, when you “refresh” that cell (after reading corresponding chapter) it takes maximum light strength, light decays with time until you “refresh” it again, your refresh-history is used to build various performance charts, you can add notification alarm (periodic/non-periodic) to any cell so you can schedule reading Quran chapters.

A score is recorded for each chapter you refresh, that score equals total number of characters in that chapter (Original Arabic letters)

In settings you can set light duration days, this determines how long each cell light will last, light will decay gradually as time passes.

If you would like to see how fresh is Quran in your brain cells then this app could be useful to you !
If you would feel happy to see your brain cells shining with Quran chapters (which you frequently read) and feel sad to see dark ones (which you left for a while) then you will most likely get great use of this app !!

12-12-2018 Fix user authentication.

09-03-2018: Chapter notification added, user can set notification for any chapter so that he is able to schedule reading that chapter.

18-03-2018 Periodic Notifications added.

App features:

– Uses Gamification to boost Quran engagement.
– Represents each chapter with a countdown light timer cell, where light strength is inversely proportional to elapsed time since last read.
– Add up to 114 notification alarms (periodic/non-periodic) so you can schedule reading any chapter.
– Visual warning for cells exceeding time limits.
– Chart of Daily and monthly Scores.
– Chart of memorized amount.
– Chart of current Khatma (All chapters reading completion) progress.
– Counts Khatmas as you go in any chapter order.
– Sorting Quran Chapters based on Character count, word count, verse count, revelation order, times read, elapsed time since last read.
– Marking memorized chapters and giving visual mark for any memorized chapter that exceeds 10 days without getting refreshed.
– Calculate average refresh period for each chapter (inter-refresh light mode)
– Sign up: user can sign in and access refresh history either from iOS devices or web portal (

Bug reports and feature requests:

This app was initially developed during free practice in learning track @

Download it here

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