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LearnKorean include the Korean dictionary with over 7000 words.

This apps works online as well as offline.
Dictionary with the search and writing options works well without an internet connection
but for the every post, posted in facebook page need an internet connection.

This app includes:
1. Dictionary (basic + essential Korean words)
– Functions with search option, write.
– Functions with Korean and Foreign language search.
– Phonetic symbols for Korean words.
– Update words every month.
2. Learning words using Pictures
– Pictorial words are divided into six categories.
– Induce perfect learning through repetition
– Phonetic symbols for Korean words
3. Step by step Korean word quiz.
– Korean word and conversation quiz for Korean test.
– Picture word Quiz
– Update Quiz every month.
4. Learn real life words with Facebook
– Learning vivid Korean Life Word.
– Update every week

Your Korean will improve every day with LearnKorean.
Download it here

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