Modern Lucky Ball

Modern Lucky Ball is the ultimate decision making tool. It was built to run fast, be fun, bring people together, and be easy to use.


Multi-Language Support
Now everyone can ask the lucky ball a question.

Speak to Lucky Ball
Ask questions using your voice, now it’s a truly a decision making tool.

Fast and Lightweight
So you can have more apps on your device.

Built with iOS Design Guidelines in Mind
So it feels like home.

Shake to Tell Future
Just shake your device to use the lucky ball.

You’ll always have something to accomplish.

Personalize the look of your lucky ball to be just the way you like it.

Response Topics
Bored of the regular Lucky Ball responses? Try out new topics like Rude, Songs, Fast Food Places, or Video Games!

Type to Lucky Ball
Ask questions using your keyboard, some questions give you an awesome response!

Enhanced Accessibility
Larger Text support, Smart Invert support, VoiceOver support, & more.

Custom Responses
Decide your own fate!

Download it here

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