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Day in and day out, you do the same routine. You grab a cup of coffee, sit down at your computer, and work, work, work! Do you know what kind of impact this has on your health? Even if you don’t, today’s discount software promotion does – it’s PC WorkBreak!

PC WorkBreak reduces your risk of Repetitive Strain Injury with helpful reminders to stretch, do eye exercises, or take a break from your computer. With PC WorkBreak, you’ll be able to avert the typical aches and pains associated with heavy PC use, caused by extended periods of sitting and keyboard/mouse usage. The result? Even greater productivity, since you’ll feel better when you are working if you take the recommended breaks.

Best of all, PC WorkBreak lets you configure your reminders so that you can use your own favorite photos or animated GIFs as a trigger to take a break! The program even shows you the statistics behind how often you took a break, and all break settings are customizable to suit your specific work style.

After you purchase PC WorkBreak, it may be used for 12 months.

Today’s promotion includes the following:

PC WorkBreak – 1 Year Single License (1 PC) ($0)

PC WorkBreak – Lifetime Single License (1 PC) ($9.99)

PC WorkBreak – Lifetime Personal License (3 PCs) ($14.99)

PC WorkBreak – Lifetime Home License (10 PCs) ($19.99)


The Fine Print


PC WorkBreak

$0.00 100% Off

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