Folder Marker Pro + Everyday Folder Icons Bundle for PC – 70% Off

Folders! How many of them are on your screen at any given time? And can you really distinguish between one folder and another? Not really, huh? They’re just a sea of yellow rectangles, taunting you with their unending sameness! But now you can take control of your folder universe with Folder Marker Pro! And if you really want to be unique with Vista or Windows 7, you can unleash the power of Everyday Folder Icons!

Folder Marker Pro lets you distinguish between folders by assigning different colors, priorities, work status, or type of file, just in a single click of your mouse! Freed from the uniformity and blankness of yellow folders, you’ll be able to tell, visually, what kind of files are in any folder that you’ve marked with Folder Marker Pro! On a basic level, you can assign folders to represent various types of files in your workflow. Then, you can mark folders by how high of a priority those files are, or by the level of completion of the work inside the folder! Never again will you accidentally delete a bunch of high priority files, not with Folder Marker Pro at your side!

If you’ve got some favorite icons in your arsenal, you can use them in conjunction with Folder Marker Pro! Just select an icon (like a whimsical URGENT sign) in ICO, ICL, EXE, DL, CPL, or BMP format, and use it to mark up your folders. There’s even support for 32-bit icons! And you won’t be needing to mark folders one at a time, either — Folder Marker Pro lets you work with several folders at once, or mark up subfolders.

Everyday Folder Icons, much like Folder Marker Pro, can jazz up your Vista or Windows 7 installation to the max! With Everyday Folder Icons, you have access to a glorious 60+ professional folder icons that are suitable for a range of uses, all fitting the unique and authentic folder style of the original icons!


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Folder Marker Pro + Everyday Folder Icons Bundle

$16.47 70% Off

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