VisualMATH 4D

VisualMATH 4D is a graphical calculator and lets you draw graphs of your mathematical functions in 2D, 3D and 4D with a time-variable (t).


– draw graphs with one or two variables like f(x), f(x,y)
– visualize your function in 4 dimensions with a time-variable
– compute value tables
– definite integral and derivative – functions
– matrices, vectors, determinante, inverse, transpose,
– trigonometrical functions like sin, cos, tan, sec
– rounding-functions, floor, ceil, round,
– sum and product-function
– save your functions and make screenshots
– modify your graph-range and set customized color options
– rotate and zoom your graph in three dimensions
– display multiple graphs

The app is easy to use and helps students and engineers to visualize their mathematical functions and it can be used as a professional graphical calculator.

Download it here

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