Dive deep into the ancient seas to learn about the biggest and the most terrifying shark. Megalodon is a mini AR application about C. megalodon, the extinct shark. You will learn about this bizarre shark through the slides which packed with comprehensive information about Megalodon. 

Meanwhile, there’s a 3D image of a Megalodon’s Jaw, which you can rotate in any direction to view in several angles, or you can see it in augmented reality (AR) to see how big it was. Be sure to read the blurb explaining how this most terrifying shark had the strongest bite.

The app’s amazing AR experience enhances users’ learning experience too. in the blink of an eye, you’ll find Megalodon swimming right by your desk. If your friends don’t believe you, take a picture and send it to them!

Megalodon, meaning “big tooth”, is an extinct species of shark that lived approximately 23 to 3.6 million years ago, during the Early Miocene to the Pliocene. Download the app to learn more…

Download it here

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