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Sound Level Meter Pro is professional sound meter for your Android. Sound Meter is also known as sound level meter, decibel meter (dB meter), noise meter, sound pressure level meter (SPL meter).

Sound Level Meter is also known as Sound Pressure Level meter (SPL meter) , noise level meter, decibel meter(dB meter), sound level meter or soundmeter. It is a very useful app to do a sound test or measure environmental noise(noise test).

Microphones in Android devices are made to record human voice, therefore the maximum noise is limited and very loud sounds cannot be recognized (in most cases above 100dB).

Sound meter work efficiently to find the level of environmental noise including acoustic. Sound detector is known as spl meter or decibel meter (db meter).

Why would you use Sound Meter PRO? Measure the noise your neighbors make, check new computers, refrigerators, air conditioning units before your buy them for noise levels and select the more quiet ones, to have less noise pollution in your home.

Sound level meter(or SPL) app is shows a decibel values by measure the environmental noise, displays measured dB values in various forms.

Are you looking for a tool to measure sound level and measure environmental noise? Sound meter: decibel meter is a free app to detect sound and measure its decibel value (db value). Sound meter db noise detector uses phone built-in microphone to measure sound in decibel and also display it in simple graph.

✫ Indicates decibel by gauge
✫ Display min/avg/max decibel values
✫ Display the current noise reference
✫ Display Elapsed time of decibel
✫ Display decibel by graph line
✫ Can calibrate the decibel for each devices

Measure how loud your car, motorcycle is. Adjust the sound system for the party you are making to safe levels not to damage peoples hearing. Measure the noise in the apartment, house you are about to buy, it might be too noisy to live in and demand for extra noise insulation.

Also called as Decibel Meter, this sound meter detects real-time decibel in your current environment, including showing minimal, maximal and average decibel during your measurement.

Available descriptive sound measure thresholds:
✯ 10 dB – Breathing
✯20 dB – Rustling leaves
✯ 30 dB – Whisper
✯ 40 dB – Quiet library
✯ 50 dB – Moderate rainfall
✯ 60 dB – Normal conversation
✯ 70 dB – Vacuum cleaner
✯ 80 dB – Food blender
✯ 90 dB – Power tools
✯ 100 dB – Motorcycle
✯ 110 dB – Rock concert
✯ 120 dB – Chain saw
✯ 130 dB – Jet takeoff (100m away)
✯ 140 dB – Shotgun

NOTE: Microphones in most devices are aligned to human voice and the maximum values are limited by the hardware. Very loud sounds (~90 dB and more) may not be recognized. Automatic gain control used in some devices may interfere with the operation of this noise meter.

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