Anyflip Digital Publishing Software(1-year Platinum Plan) for Mac & PC – 70% Off

Want to get more people to read your content? Go digital! But want to keep that familiar feeling of flipping through a glossy magazine or catalog? Go digital using today’s discount software promotion, Anyflip Digital Publishing Software!

Anyflip Digital Publishing Software lets you build interactive flipping digital publications from PDF documents. With Anyflip Digital Publishing Software, you’ll be able to create innovative and exciting magazines, product catalogs, brochures, and more! Best of all, you can convert PDF documents into flipbooks in both Flash and HTML5 formats for the ultimate in flexibility and platform compatibility.

When you use Anyflip Digital Publishing Software, you can add not only PDF files, but also media in the form of audio, videos, links to other sources, and SWF animations. Not only that, but your output is nearly anything you can think of – online, offline, or on removable media and optical discs. Best of all, Anyflip Digital Publishing Software comes with advanced analytics that will show you how effective your flipbooks are in grabbing people’s attention and driving traffic.

After you purchase Anyflip Digital Publishing Software(1-year Platinum Plan), it may be used for 12 months.


The Fine Print

Anyflip Digital Publishing Software(1-year Platinum Plan)

$89.70 70% Off

Download it here

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