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ByteScout Cloud API for Zapier – this new app is an integration of ByteScout tools and Zapier. It allows you to:

  • split and merge PDF files;
  • convert DOC to PDF as well as convert PDF to CSV, PDF to JSON, PDF to HTML;
  • read PDF files.

Recently ByteScout launched web apps that work directly in your browser. They perform daily developer tasks smoothly and in no time. Here are some of them: Payment Reminders Generator, To Do List planner, Synonyms Finder, JSON Formatter, Lines Sorting tool and more. is an online tool that allows you to:

  • put an electronic signature on your documents, invite others to sign the document with legal binding e-signatures;
  • create pdf, convert PDF to txt, CSV, JPG, TIFF, JSON and more;
  • split and merge PDF files;
  • save PDF to HTML;
  • generate barcodes and read barcodes from the camera.

PDF Extractor SDK is a fantastic tool that extracts text from PDF, extracts embedded images, metadata, enables text search with regular expressions, repairs damaged images, converts PDF to CSV, Excel, and XML, has OCR functionalities, merges and splits PDF files and much more.

Text Recognition SDK is a new ByteScout tool that allows reading and extracting text from scanned graphic and PDF documents. OCR improved filters help to recognize and to locate any searchable text.

Download it here

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