Simple WaterTracker

Simple WaterTracker is a minimalist approach to tracking your daily hydration. Most water tracking apps are more complicated than necessary. 

Staying hydrated is an important part of a healthy lifestyle.

Set a water goal and track your progress throughout the day with our beautiful yet minimalist interface. The water level in the app matches the amount you have consumed in relation to your daily goal.

Simple WaterTracker utilizes gestures for added convenience.

Gesture Control!
-Swipe Up to record water consumed.
-Swipe Down to switch between Imperial (ounces) and Metric Units (milliliters).
-Swipe Right to increase your daily water goal.
-Swipe Left to decrease your daily water goal.

You can also use the “add” button to quickly record water consumption. We conveniently placed buttons below the add button to quickly adjust your drink size. We believe in simplicity so you can control the entire application from the main screen.

Integration with HealthKit:
Simple WaterTracker integrates with HealthKit to monitor the total water you consume each day. The data you input with Simple WaterTracker can be accessed at any time in Apples Health App.

Coming Soon:
-We’re working on an awesome Apple Watch extension! Logging your water has never been so convenient!

Download it here

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