* pre casual play, where red – dots where, do 20 tasks and 20 after the exchange 20 artifact level seven armor and equipment to strengthen to + 10, strengthen the stone is not the store to buy, all of a sudden is godlike (temporary).
* the blacksmith shop with new equipment, first to create a set of new weapons and new weapons, and then go to the field to catch a new horse, and then go to a copy of the new recruits.
* checkpoints choose the highest degree of difficulty, dozen generals out of loyalty points, unlock 4 white generals standby, respectively, with a knife, bow, sword, spear, not afraid to get new weapons useless.
* a new task, simple first cleared away, the task is to do a grade on the table, sometimes get stuck in a difficult task to improve combat capability to perform. Mission points can be exchanged for VIP diamond, treasure, God
And so on.
* smithy new equipment and checkpoints brush material pieces made, even out of date with can also unlock illustrations for the Diamond Award, as well as illustrations spree!
* beat senior generals, to abuse the low-level military commanders brush brush equipment material grade brush brush brush brush brush gold treasure.
* get more achievements to activate the hidden title, and improve the property after the equipment
* generals talent through the accumulation of loyalty points can be washed off, white brush generals to attack +100 very useful
* properties are useful, look at the combination of requirements, brush experience on the experience, brush material on the drop
* skills and generals binding, pay attention to switch to switch the types of weapons the generals sometimes
* the wild has a new horse, played on the brush it, catch directly improve combat efficiency.
* appear recruiting new copy, to refresh the team, increase combat frequency, reduce your clicks

红蜗游戏出品(Snailfighter Games)

Download it here

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