DocxManager for Word for PC – 50% Off

DocxManager is a powerful tool for Word users who write novels, other non-fiction books, thesis, academic paper, technical documents and so on.

DocxManager turns Word into an easy-to-use outliner and corkboard software for all kinds of writers.
DocxManager lets you use an outliner on the left to organize your large writing projects and see the big picture.
DocxManager lets you use index cards for plotting your lengthy writing project.
DocxManager lets you break your large writing project into pieces and write in pieces (and combine them into one when done).
DocxManager lets you star, set status, attach tags, notes and so on, to each Word document in a project.

Since this is the Standard Edition of DocxManager, you can generate a professional-looking website using your Word documents as source documents. You can also upload the generated website to a remote SFTP/FTP server.
Update: The new Version 2.0 comes with a redesigned simplified user interface which will make you more productive and feel more convenient!


The Fine Print

DocxManager for Word

$39.50 50% Off

Download it here

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