Key Remapper 3 License Pack for PC – 80% Off

Your entire work setup – from the dent in your chair, the tracks in your carpet, and the crumbs and other material in your keyboard, is uniquely yours. So why settle for keyboard configurations that lock you into someone else’s notion of what’s optimal? Take control of your keyboard and mouse mappings with today’s discount software promotion, Key Remapper!

Key Remapper lets you remap keys, mouse buttons, and scroll wheel actions, to create a new and entirely personalized way of using your computer. With Key Remapper, you’ll be able to remap to different values, or even to keys and mouse buttons that don’t even exist. You can even opt to swap the functions of one key for another, so that the Right Shift key performs like the Enter key, or the middle mouse click is assigned to something more familiar. Add modifiers, like Alt, Shift, and Ctrl, and you’ve found yourself in the middle of a nearly limitless universe of key mapping.

People who have trouble properly double clicking will love the ability to remap the double click action to something that’s more reliable for them. And if your typing style means you’re constantly hitting some function or other key by accident, you can just use Key Remapper to disable it completely and never worry about it again.

Key Remapper lets you remap keys or mouse buttons to another key or mouse button combination, with modifiers. For instance, you could replace the Browser Forward key (usually found on multimedia keyboards) with Alt+Shift+Esc (quick switching between programs), replace the X1 mouse button with the Ctrl+C (copy), or assign the Ctrl+”Left mouse button” combination to the right Alt key.

You’ll be amazed at just how much flexibility is offered by Key Remapper! You can have two different key sets that you can switch between with just two clicks. Or, limit your custom key mappings to only specific program applications and windows!

Trying to decide which version of Key Remapper (Home License, Business license) is right for you? Check out the comparison matrix below and make an informed decision:
– One home license grants you the right to install the program on one computer. With home license, you can use the program for non-commercial purposes in non-business, non commercial environment. That is, you only intend to use it at home for private use. If you need to use it on multiple computers, you should purchase the corresponding number of licenses.
– One business license grants its owner (individual or company) the right to use (install) the program in a business, academic, or governmental environment on one computer. If you need to use it on multiple computers, you should purchase the corresponding number of licenses.

Please note folks: the discount is also applied when buying four or more licenses (max 10)!

Today’s promotion includes the following:

Key Remapper 3 Home Licenses (3 computers) ($14.97)

Key Remapper 3 Business Licenses (3 computers) ($20.97)


The Fine Print


Key Remapper 3 License Pack

$14.97 80% Off

Download it here

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