FileWhopper: transfer big files and folders online for Mac & PC – 50% Off

So you want to transfer a huge file, right? You can’t attach it to an email because it’s too large. You can’t even use your cloud storage provider, for which you pay a monthly fee, because of the file size. What do you do? You take the easy, painless route by using today’s discount software promotion, FileWhopper!

FileWhopper lets you transfer files and folders of any size, paying just a one-time fee based on file size while enjoying strong password-protected encryption. With FileWhopper, you’ll never run into a limit on file sizes – you could even transfer a multi-terabyte file if you needed to. And once you start the transfer, you’ll get a link that you can share with your recipient to enable them to download it.

Best of all, FileWhopper works on a tiny app that deletes itself after the transfer. This is way better than web-based file transfers, where an interruption will set you back to square one. Instead, FileWhopper transfers, both uploads and downloads, pick up right where they left off in case of an interruption!

Review Written by Derek Lee

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FileWhopper: transfer big files and folders online

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