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If there’s one domain where computers have failed to surpass the old paper-and-pencil days, it’s measurements. It used to be, if you need to measure distances on a diagram, you’d unfurl it on a table, grab a ruler and a pen, and get down to it. But now, with everything done on computer screens, how do you go about it? Well, first things first, get yourself a copy of today’s discount software promotion, Points On A Canvas!

Points On A Canvas lets you easily measure the distance between any two points on your computer screen. With Points On A Canvas, you’ll not only be able to measure between any two clicked points, you can also assign multiple points to groups, making it easy to track measurements and reduce mistakes caused by measuring between the wrong two points. Imagine a diagram with multiple layers and intersections between components, and you can quickly see how things can go wrong. Even better, you can assign names and descriptions to every point you place to further eliminate errors!

Additional features include the ability to add draggable picture containers to the canvas, add point-based shapes, and the ability to save the entire canvas as a structured XML file. Throw in the ability to create your own workflows and define units of measurement, and you’ll see why Points On A Canvas will soon become your go-to tool of choice!

Review Written by Derek Lee

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Points On A Canvas

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