USB Safe Guard for PC – 77% Off

You want a greater level of information security for your files, but the majority of your data is stored on USB external storage and you don’t have to time to go encrypting each file. Take the express lane to security with today’s discount software promotion, USB Safe Guard!

USB Safe Guard transforms general USB storage into secure encrypted storage, including passwords, Internet connection requirements, and expiration dates. With USB Safe Guard, you don’t have to worry about protecting individual files and folders on a USB – just secure the entire device!

Best of all, USB Safe Guard lets you set different passwords for Read/Write and Read-Only. If someone gets the password wrong multiple times, or if it reaches a certain number of expirations, you can configure it to lock down. Best of all, you can require that the user be connected to the Internet in order to access the USB for an added layer of protection!

Today’s promotion includes the following:

USB Safe Guard – can create 2 secure USBs v2.1.0.4 ($13.50)

USB Safe Guard – can create 5 secure USBs ($30.96)

USB Safe Guard – can create 10 secure USBs ($54.97)

USB Safe Guard – can create 20 secure USBs ($96.58)

Review Written by Constantin Florea


The Fine Print

USB Safe Guard

$13.50 77% Off

Download it here

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